Our Story Starts With One Man

His name is Alfred.

An extraordinary, passionate man who refused to accept the injustice faced by his fellow Sierra Leoneans in Sierra Leone. Alfred comes from a city called Makeni in the Northern province.

There was no money or external support to work on projects that can have impact on the lives of others.  He however has the passion to do the impossible when it comes to serving the voiceless. 

Without WASH facilities in communities and schools, children and women are bound to die too soon. Alfred was determined that wouldn’t happened to them.

So Alfred decided to take matters into his own hands.

Backed his fellow colleagues who are aid workers from the United Nations System and International charity Organizations, SLSAV was formed with the sole aim to support the voiceless. It was however not easy especially during the early days of the organization. It seemed impossible to get the desired fund to work on projects that can make difference on the lives of the marginalized.

But sometimes the impossible suddenly becomes possible.

Our co-founders with the honest support of a board chair Jacomo, had just decided to be the change that they want to see in communities and schools in Sierra Leone. Sick of seeing the injustice suffered by citizens especially women and girls, they are determined to do something about it. They were sure what they wanted. Triggering a change for self-esteem in the lives of poor children and women is exactly what they wanted. The determination to make that change that ignited an organization. They came together and founded SLSAV which stands for Sierra Leone Social Aid Volunteer on a mission to help Sierra Leoneans access their rights and entitlements.

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Since then, SLSAV has grown into an incredible community of passionate volunteers to implement for credible international organizations. Most of our inspiring partners have made our work possible through participating in funding us to work on projects that are making positive impacts on the lives of girls, women and marginalized citizens in general.
  • Sierra Leonean child enjoying the right to safe Drinking Water!

    Sierra Leonean child enjoying the right to safe Drinking Water!

    We’ve built and rebuilt school classrooms, toilets, water wells, empowered thousands of girls and young women with training on life skills, supported many girls with education scholarships, and educated many of women and girls on menstrual health and hygiene, as well as WASH. We’ve now reached over 500,000 women and girls in Sierra Leone.

Our Board

Board Chair


Board Chair

Audi Farrar


Meggie Penn



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