Change For Self Esteem!



During emergencies and crisis, SLSAV is always there to work with partners including the government to give social aid to the disadvantaged!



Youth Empowerment

SLSAV engages undeserved young people through community-based education, social enterprising, mentoring and employment readiness programs to help get them out of the NEET (Not In Education, Not In Employment, Not In Training) situation.


Water and Sanitation

SLSAV believes that safe water for everyone is not only possible, but absolutely necessary. No mum should be forced to give her children unsafe water. Join us to save precious lives. Children have died and are still dying because of water-related illnesses.


Poverty and Social Justice

SLSAV works country wide in Sierra Leone to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. SLSAV believes that all people in Sierra Leone have the right to a life of dignity. This means a life free from poverty, violence, discrimination or human rights violations.


Women’s Empowerment

Evidence shows that putting economic resources in women’s hands is the best way to accelerate development and sustainable reduction of poverty.

Women typically invest in their families and communities significantly more than men – spreading wealth and increasing the quality of life for themselves and their families.


Disaster Relief

Our people are suffering in silence. SLSAV highlights two main neglected humanitarian crises in Sierra Leone. These are Hunger Emergencies and Women&Children Emergencies. When there is a crisis or disaster, women and children suffer most.


Economic Development

Where formal banks aren’t an option, SLSAV savings and loan groups, financial training and market linkages help families, farmers and small businesses succeed. The world of NGO is now focusing on social enterprising to create opportunities for many.

Be An Ambassador of Change For Self Esteem

The mission of SLSAV is to promote human rights and sustainable development. You can be a volunteer to do exactly that.